April 15, 2024

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MUNICH: Toby (35)’s desire for marriage led to firefighting

MUNICH: Toby (35)’s desire for marriage led to firefighting


Toby’s (35) moving marriage proposal leads to fire brigade action

A fire brigade operation leads Tobias (35) and Alexandra to marry after twenty years as lovers. Toby’s proposal is celebrated online.


Tobias (35) ran the fire service to marry Alexandra.

Youtube/Chris Robert

  • A special wedding plan has been going viral on social media for the past few days.

  • Professional Firefighter Tobias Simulated Fire Service for App.

  • As the clip went viral, even old friends reconnected with the pair.

Alexandra is 36 years old and works as a clerk at a statutory health insurance dentist association in Bavaria, Germany. She has been around for almost 20 years With her childhood sweetheart Tobias together. Both have children, but are not married. On that special Monday at the end of April 2023, Alexandra’s day begins as usual at her desk in the office. It was her and Tobias’ 18th anniversary together.

As Alexandra clicks the figures, Tobias, a professional firefighter, sits in a room at the fire brigade school two kilometers away, doing his train driver training. In fact, he is accompanied by a number of colleagues on his way to the mall where Alexandra works. A short time later, a total of 24 emergency services entered the office with fire hoses, axes and breathing protection – a fire alarm had been announced, firefighters told Alexandra.

Article 23

A Munich newspaper says Bavaria, Germany has Article 23. Now the 36-year-old is reading this in his office. You must accompany the public to avoid danger and provide assistance.

Alexandra later says: “Whatever, I’m not afraid that it will burn.” It is noteworthy that Toby often told her about the recent article. With the firemen, she goes out. A trellis of hoses is already waiting there, and Toby stands at the end with a wide smile on his face. He takes off his helmet and then tells her how much her love means to him and thanks her for her two wonderful sons. Then he got down on one knee and pulled out a gold ring with diamonds, ” If they marry him want Alexandra’s “Yes!” Follows without a second’s hesitation. She could no longer hide her tears of joy.

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Love song on intercom

The duo’s colleagues clap loudly and sirens blare. Firefighters brought snacks and non-alcoholic champagne. Then the newly engaged couple climb the turntable ladder and Toby takes Alex thirty meters up. There they hug in front of the Munich skyline.

But the colleagues go one better: when Toby wants to bring the ladder back to safe ground, control from the floor is blocked – a love song then plays over the intercom.

“Everything was like in the movies,” enthuses Alexandra Eisenrider in the “München Daily”. She went back to the IT meeting less than an hour after the special, but found it difficult to concentrate. The opposite happened to Toby: “I couldn’t sleep two nights ago, I was afraid she’d stop me with an application and the whole plan would fall apart. When she said OK, all the tension melted away.”


A firefighter friend of Tobias filmed the application and posted the emotional clip online. As a result, they congratulated both family and friends, but also ancient friends and complete strangers.

Reactions were positive across the board. One commented: “What a waste of my tax money on something like that! How good it is that, in spite of everything, it is still allowed to be human!»

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