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Mount Everest: Sherpa carrying the injured to safety

Mount Everest: Sherpa carrying the injured to safety

At an altitude of 8000 meters

A Sherpa carries the injured on Everest for six hours

This rescue borders on a miracle: a Sherpa carried an injured man lying in the death zone of Mount Everest on his back for about six hours and brought him to safety.


Khelje Sherpa found a shivering and injured man near the summit.


  • A Sherpa found an injured climber in the death zone on Mount Everest.

  • He wrapped him in a sleeping pad and carried him downstairs for six hours.

  • The injured is currently recovering in hospital.

One climber was in minus 30 degrees In what is called the dead zone, i.e. below the summit of Mount Everest, above 8000 meters above sea level. But the man is lucky, because His future savior Reacts with quick wit and takes incredible hardships. The footage of the miraculous recovery on the world’s highest mountain is now going viral on social media.

Because when Khelje Sherpa finds a shivering and injured man on Everest, the Nepalese don’t hesitate to wrap him in an insulating sleeping mat to protect him from the cold. Then he takes him down: for a full six hours he drags the injured man in the cold with the help of another climber to a camp, where he is finally picked up by a rescue helicopter.

“I am very happy that he is alive and recovering in hospital”

Kelje Sherpa recalled the unprecedented rescue operation on Instagram: “I decided to stop climbing our client and bring him to safety before he died there alone. I took him up to Camp 4 where a rescue team helped.” Khelje Sherpa says he intends to climb the mountain again soon, but “only after recovering from this big mission.” “I’m so glad he’s alive and recovering in hospital.”

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