June 22, 2024

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Most liveable cities – quality of life: overtakes Zurich and Geneva – News

Most liveable cities – quality of life: overtakes Zurich and Geneva – News

  • Every year, a group of British «economists» examines the quality of life in major cities around the world.
  • Zurich and Geneva are still doing well, but falling behind.
  • Compared to last year, nothing above has changed.

The Economist surveyed 173 cities. The Swiss cities of Zurich and Geneva performed well. The city in Limmat is sixth, with Geneva following one place.

However, both cities have lost places compared to the previous year. The previous year, Zurich finished third and Geneva sixth. This is a growing trend.

Most livable cities

1. Veen

2. Copenhagen

3. Melbourne

4. Sydney

5. Vancouver

6. Zurich
7. Geneva and Calgary

9. Toronto

10. Osaka and Auckland

Some European cities are clearly lagging behind. While their ratings have not deteriorated, cities in Asia and the Middle East have caught up, the report said. Strikes and violent protests in Western Europe also weighed on ratings.

Vienna is the leader again

The index assesses the factors of stability, health, education, infrastructure and culture and environment. In this mix, as in the previous year, Vienna is at the top. Austria’s capital has a high level of security, good public facilities and a rich cultural offering. Behind Vienna, Copenhagen and Melbourne complete the podium.

At the other end of the table is the Syrian capital, Damascus. Second last and in 165th place is Kyiv. It is the least liveable European city. “Thanks to Russian bombs”, you have very little value in infrastructure.

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