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Mosquito infestation in Lake Constance – These are the reasons – News

Mosquito infestation in Lake Constance – These are the reasons – News

After severe flooding in early June, a major mosquito infestation is now continuing. These are the reasons.

This is about: Lake Constance floods and mosquitoes explode. One can already talk about the mosquito infestation, said Rainer Bretthauer, environmental protection officer for the German town of Radolfzell on Lake Constance.


Lake Constance near Gottlieben had plenty of water. Ideal conditions for mosquitoes.

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These are the reasons: “All mosquitoes rely on standing water for their spawning, from which the larvae and finally the adults hatch,” explains Tobias Suter, a medical entomologist at the Swiss Institute of Tropical and Public Health in Basel. In an area like Lake Constance, we can talk about so-called flood mosquitoes. These mosquitoes lay their eggs on the ground; In soils prone to seasonal flooding. “The eggs survive the drought and are essentially in a dormant state.” If the lake level continues to rise and these areas get flooded, the mosquito infestation may be temporary, the expert said.

Tobias Suter

Tobias Suter

Medical entomologist

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Tobias Sutter works at the Swiss Institute of Tropical and Public Health in Basel.

Additional reasons: For mosquitoes to grow well in water, they need the right temperature. “These flood mosquitoes require temperatures of 20 to 30 degrees Celsius so that the larvae can develop quickly in the water.” If the temperature is low, development may take longer. If the temperature is high, the entire development can be completed in seven days. “Water alone is not enough,” says Sudar. If the water drains again after a while, the mosquitoes will not fully develop.

Benefits from birds and fish

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According to the German Nature Conservation Association (NABU), mosquitoes are a good thing for many animals. “All the insects that are growing now are a very important source of nutrition for many species of fish and birds,” said Eberhard Klein from Nabu in Konstanz.

“Larvae can die even after heavy rainfall, for example, when they are damaged by heavy water droplets.” According to the expert, several factors must be present for mosquitoes to develop quickly and successfully in an area.



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Here’s what you can do about it: A medical entomologist has a variety of approaches to combating mosquito infestations. “Biological insecticides are used in some areas to prevent mosquito breeding.” As an example, he cites the Magadino plain in Ticino, where whenever the water level of Lake Maggiore rises, mosquito prey and biological pesticides are applied. “For those who live in such an area and don’t have a containment plan nearby, light-colored, long dresses that aren’t too tight are the best option,” Suder says. Mosquito repellent sprays can also help. Also, putting mosquito nets on windows and doors can prevent mosquitoes from entering the house.

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