May 26, 2024

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Military Strategist for the Russian Army – Overrated and now weakened


They drive Izyum with signs of victory: these Ukrainian tank drivers helped recapture the city.

“Nobody, they’re all gone!” Luhansk’s military governor, Sergei Keide, 46, made the sentence after Russian troops pulled out of several towns and villages in eastern Ukraine in the past few days. The invaders had no choice but to leave most of the supplies – tanks, ammunition and other weapons – as the Ukrainian army surprised them with their attack.

According to British intelligence services, the leading units of the Russian army have been massively weakened. Especially in the early stages of the war there were heavy casualties from which the soldiers never recovered. For example, the First Guards Tank Army suffered. According to the British, parts of this division, one of the most valuable in the Russian army, have withdrawn from the Kharkiv region.