June 7, 2023

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Mason (16) suffered severe burns during the Tiktok challenge


Mason (16) wanted to do the flamethrower

Mason Dark, 16, suffered severe burns all over his body in an accident. He was about to participate in a Tiktok challenge with friends when the blast happened.


Mason Dark (16) is known as a talented football player in his school.


  • A teenager from North Carolina suffered burns to 75 percent of his body.

  • He wanted to participate in the Tiktok challenge.

  • Although he was able to quickly put out the fire, he suffered severe burns and would have to stay in the hospital for months.

16-year-old Mason Dark from North Carolina suffered severe burns while trying to take on a Tiktok challenge with friends. To be challenged Spray the lighter with highly flammable spray paint to create a kind of flamethrower. In Mason’s case A dangerous test of courage gone terribly wrongThe can exploded, setting the teenager on fire.

His family heard a “huge explosion” and then saw Mason running to a nearby river on fire and jumping in to put out the fire. Although he was able to quickly put out the fire, he suffered first-, second- and third-degree burns over 75 percent of his body, his mother Holly Dark told WARL.

The teenager will stay in the hospital for six months

“He’s unrecognizable,” says Holly Dark. After the accident on April 23, her son was taken directly to the UNC Burn Center, which specializes in burns. There he had to undergo one of several surgeries.

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At his school, Mason Dark is known as a talented football player. He is now expected to spend six months in hospital. A. to his grandmother to cover medical expenses and other expenses GoFundMe has been started, to which 40,000 francs have already been donated.

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