July 23, 2024

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Mallorca takes action against illegal holiday rent

Majorca Here we come! Germans in particular can’t wait for their 17. Federal State ”can run the party again as it did before the Corona. But a large number of Swiss people are now attracted to return to the holiday island. The dream beaches of Formentor, Playa de Palma and Playa Es Trenc inspire you to indulge in sunlight.

Everyone who stays in a private hotel without staying at the hotel should heed this message. “Before the holiday season, Mallorca is taking action against illegal holiday rent.” Mallorca newspaper writes. Inspectors went to the property, but also scanned the booking portals. Especially this month, at the start of Mallorca’s holiday season, restrictions on unfair offers should be significantly strengthened.

Strict walk against drunken tourists

Goal: Find vacant apartments for vacationers. In Palma, holiday rent is generally prohibited in apartment buildings. Since the beginning of the year, Island Council analysts have been “very active in uncovering illegal holiday rent.”

By the end of April, 361 procedures are said to have been launched. Foreign holiday guests who book without knowing the illegally advertised offer need not fear the judiciary. However, in the worst case scenario, they are left without shelter.

The report says the anti-drinking order must also be strictly curtailed this summer. There have already been several studies this year in Playa de Palma and Calvia. (Euros)

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