June 13, 2024

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Juan Carlos of Spain shot his little brother

Juan Carlos of Spain shot his little brother

The then 14-year-old Prince Alfonso of Spain died 67 years ago in Estoril, Portugal. Official Version: He was cleaning the pistol when a shot struck him and killed him. The only witness, Alfonso’s brother Juan Carlos (85), then 18 and later King of Spain, remains silent about the incident. There was never an investigation, there were many rumours.

Now the last crown prince of Italy and childhood friend of the former king of Spain, Victor Emmanuel van Savoyen (86) is breaking his silence, “Bild” reported. He sat in front of the cameras for the Netflix documentary “The King Who Never Was.” When these were turned off and the sound was still playing, he said “the truly unspeakable”.

The two young men are in exile in Portugal, often preferring to shoot glasses or bottles on the beach. “Juanito screwed up,” says van Savoyen. “He shot his brother. It’s him.”

The Italian royal added: “He didn’t shoot him directly, but through the dressing room. Alphonsa walked in. It was an accident.” After the incident, van Savoyen immediately hid his weapon – “otherwise they would have blamed me.”

Victor Emmanuel of Savoy was not the first to say that Juan Carlos had shot his brother. According to other versions, the crown prince aimed at his brother and pulled the trigger, unaware that the gun was loaded. There are some rumors that Alfonso opened the door and gave Juan Carlos a shove. Then the shot went off.