April 15, 2024

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Jon Stewart completely eliminated Tucker Carlson

Jon Stewart completely eliminated Tucker Carlson

Jon Stewart (right) had nothing to say about Tucker Carlson's trip to Russia.Screenshot: Network light

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Jon Stewart hasn't been on “The Daily Show” for nine years. Now the American comedian is back on the late night show. After his comeback last week Joe Biden and Donald Trump She is now dating Tucker Carlson.

Along with Tucker Carlson, who recently interviewed Vladimir Putin and doesn't take the truth seriously. Much has already been written and discussed about Carlson's interview and trip to Moscow. But few hit the mark with their analysis as Jon Stewart did on Monday evening.

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Carlson goes to the Russian supermarket

Stewart first focused on Carlson's report from a supermarket in Russia. He raved about putting money in the shopping cart. “It's free, but there's an incentive to park the car without taking it back to your homeless shelter,” Carlson said.

Stewart's counter: “I know, I've said it before. But you're so…” And continued: “I didn't realize America's homelessness problem is entirely due to easy access to shopping carts.”

Tucker Carlson and John Stewart

Carlson wonders about Russian shopping carts.Screenshot: YouTube

After praising Russian bread and convenient supermarket escalators, Carlson talked about money. The entire purchase cost him just $104, the former Fox News host said.

Tucker Carlson at the supermarket

The purchase price is $104.Screenshot: YouTube

A statement that Stewart certainly doesn't want to let stand. “$104 seems like a good deal for groceries,” Stewart said. “Unless you realize that Russians make less than $200 a week.” That's the kind of context a journalist really needs to provide.

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John Stewart based it on. “Here's the truth,” said the late-night host. “You know all this. Because you're not as stupid as your face makes us think.”

Carlson's goal is to convey that there are no major differences between the Russian and American systems. If so, the Russian system might be a little better.

“But now they think that a new fight has arisen and is not awake. In this fight, Putin is an ally of the right. He is her friend.”

John Stewart

“The question is, why is Tucker doing this?” said Stewart, who gave an immediate response. “The old war of civilization was communism against capitalism. Then Russia was the enemy,” Stewart said. In this fight, Putin is an ally of the right. He is her friend. Unfortunately, he was a cruel and ruthless dictator. That's why they're starting to acclimate Americans to the idea. Freedom is nice, but have you seen Russian carts?”

There was something…

This isn't the first time Jon Stewart has clashed with Tucker Carlson. In 2004, the comedian appeared on the CNN political show “Crossfire” and grilled two hosts, Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson. Instead of promoting his book, he critiqued the A to Z show “Crossfire.”

Almost 20 years ago: Stewart takes on Carlson in “Crossfire.”

The New York Times later wrote that the moment was so humiliating for Carlson that it led to the show's cancellation. The Atlantic magazine argued that Stewart's appearance marked a turning point in Carlson's career, leading the anchor to reinvent himself.

It can be compared to the moment when Barack Obama met Donald Trump Correspondents' Dinner button. But this is a different story. (cma)

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No time? Two-hour Putin interview in 6 minutes

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