April 15, 2024

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Instagrammers and TikTokers Paying – Is It Just a Fake?


Cash grabInstagrammers and TikTokers Paying – Is It Just a Fake?

TikTokers and Instagrammers hide money and allow their fans to search. It is behind the event.

Marcel Urech
  • People hide money and encourage their followers on social media to find hidden clues.

  • It is often unclear who is behind Instagram and TikTok accounts.

  • Many consider these to be fakes, but accountants disagree.

A man has hidden banknotes in Zurich, the location of which is only vaguely recognizable. Who will find the piece? Such videos abound on social media, especially abroad, in Switzerland as well. Here is an example:

This phenomenon is known as “Hold the Money” or “Hold the Money”. The Instagram account zueri_goennt participates in Switzerland, but the original cash_catch from the Netherlands has been around since August 2012. This account has 295,000 followers on Instagram:

Is it all fake?

There are mixed reactions online, with many enthusiastic and others calling it fake. At least the munich account cash.catch.munich should not be fake says the person managing the account Mucbook.de. He can understand the false charge, but it is up to the winners to contribute the money to prove authenticity. “Yes, it costs money, but the emotional gain, smiles and sense of community we develop far outweighs the financial cost,” the person said.

Brand deals are going on in the background

This phenomenon is nothing new, the world's second largest YouTube channel (MrBeast) has been paying for it for a long time. However, in recent months, the cash grab trend has intensified and is now making headlines around the world. This also happens in Israel, where a pair of surgeons confront each other “Jerusalem Post” They openly admit that they are wasting money because they can get it back with brand deals in the background.

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He also gives money to complete strangers

Canadian Zachery Derniowski, known as “MDmotivator” on social media, also donates money. The former medical student said she wants to raise awareness about mental health and spread kindness. But how much does he earn on social media? “I can pay my bills and put something away,” he says in an interview with 20 Minutes. “Most of the money we make goes to the videos I make with a friend.”

“It's not about the money and the wow factor”

With more than 18 million accounts following him on TikTok alone, he's likely to get a little more than “paying his bills.” “MDmotivator” still insists it's not about the money or the wow factor. “It's small acts of kindness toward others, even strangers, that mean so much.”

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