April 15, 2024

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Indian (45) has undergone both hands transplant


Transplantation in IndischeLost his hands in an accident – now Raj (45) is starting a new life.

Rajkumar, an Indian, lost his hands in a train accident. Since then, he has been dependent on others. After the hand transplant, the painter regained his mobility.

Karin Ludold
  • 45-year-old Raj Kumar lost both his hands in a train accident in Delhi.

  • He had both limbs transplanted in January.

  • This is the first time such an operation is happening in North India.

New life begins for Raj Kumar of New Delhi: The 45-year-old, who lost both his hands in a train accident, has now had both hands replaced in a complex operation.

One evening in October 2020, the painter's life changed dramatically. The man was crossing the railway track in Nangloi district on his bike. At that moment, Raj ran into a speeding train and the Indian lost both hands and part of his forearms.

Hand Transplantation in North India from February 2023

Since then, he had to rely on others for his daily activities. Doctors first tried to help Rajji with artificial limbs – in vain. The patient's only hope is a hand transplant.

The first good news came in February 2023 when Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, where Raj was treated, became the first hospital in North India to be approved for hand transplants. Painter was on the waiting list as a possible candidate for a hand transplant.

In mid-January this year, an eleven-member medical team called Raj Kumar to the hospital. After clarifications and tests, the patient was finally operated on on October 19th in a twelve-hour procedure. Bones, arteries, nerves, tendons, muscles, nerves and skin were carefully stitched together, reports the “Hindustan Times”.

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The donor of Raj's new hands was a former school principal who was declared brain dead, reported the Indian Express. The woman changed the lives of many people with her donation as liver, kidneys and corneas were used in organ transplants.

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