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How Chris Christie wants revenge on Donald Trump

How Chris Christie wants revenge on Donald Trump

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A former New Jersey governor is running for the Republican presidential nomination — and is ruthlessly settling scores with his former friend.

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The state of New Jersey is sometimes called “America’s Aargau Province” because of its relationship with New York, similar to that of Aargau and Zurich. But there’s a difference: New Jersey prides itself on its blue-collar heritage, its working-class roots. Bruce Springsteen sings about her, the Mafia cult series “The Sopranos” describes her — and Chris Christie covers her.

The former governor is not just a physical stunner, he doesn’t mince his words and doesn’t shy away from a fight. He is aggressive, quick-witted, but very intelligent. Thanks to these qualities, he was elected governor of traditionally “blue” New Jersey by Republicans. In fact, he occupied a prominent place in national politics.

Former Republican presidential candidate, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie addresses a rally June 6, 2023 in Manchester, NH Christie formally launched his bid on Tuesday.

Chris Christie announced his candidacy.Build: Keystone

In 2012, Christie would have been a good chance to become the Grand Old Party (GOP) presidential nominee. But the now 60-year-old thought he still had enough time. He resigned in 2016 to contest for the post of governor. It went perfectly. In his second term as governor, Christie screwed up everything that could be screwed up.

First, he was embroiled in a nasty scandal. In revenge against the Democratic mayor, officials in his administration deliberately closed a lane across the bridge, causing massive traffic jams. It got really bad. After Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc in New Jersey, enraging Republicans, Christie embraced President Barack Obama, who rushed to the rescue.

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Christie’s popularity plummeted. Despite this, he contested the presidential election in 2016. He had no chance. At least he managed to knock Marco Rubio out of the race. The senator from Florida was traded as a possible option early in the debate. Christie slugged him in a televised fight with two well-worded punches.

Trump mocked Christie

After the former governor realized his skins were swimming, he switched to Donald Trump’s camp. However, he was never really happy there. For his support, he was not offered the attorney general position, for which he would have been better suited as a former prosecutor, or for any other significant position in Trump’s cabinet. Instead, he was misled in managing the transition from the Obama administration.

Additionally, Christie was not only tricked by his supposed friend Trump with secondary posts, but mocked by him. He needed to eat less Oreos, he was warned by the former president, who noted his bravado in front of the cameras. Oreos are the most popular, but high-calorie cookies. Christie once had to contend with the handicaps that imprisoned Jared Kushner’s father as a lawyer.

But now it’s time for Christie’s revenge. Not only is he running for the Republican presidency again, but he’s attacking his former fake friend. He now describes Trump as “Putin’s puppet” and accuses him of being too cowardly to face upcoming televised fights.

Christie is about man. “Beware of a leader who pretends he’s made no mistakes, and when things go wrong, blames others,” he formally announced his candidacy in his speech, adding a note to Trump: “He’s a lonely, self-centered man who often looks in the mirror. He is not a leader.

Still, Christie doesn’t see herself as an avenging angel. “I attack Trump for two reasons,” he says. “First, he deserves it, and second, because this is the path to success.”

In fact, former Governor Ron DeSantis differs significantly from Nikki Haley & Co. They are still reluctant to openly criticize the former president. Mike Pence, who finally officially announced his candidacy, has also backed out. The former vice president is taking on his former boss — something unprecedented in American history — but he’s doing so in a very modest way.

Christie is now the most welcoming of many GOP candidates. They believe that former Governor Trump can do as much damage as Senator Rubio, increasing their chances. Christie sees it differently. “I’m not a professional assassin,” he clarifies, and firmly believes that only those who openly attack Trump have a chance to enter the White House.

In the present case, however, this thesis rests on very shaky ground. Christie is unpopular with the GOP’s grassroots, and Democrats haven’t forgotten how they dumped her in New Jersey. Therefore, he should trust independent voters rather than an uncertain race. After all, Christie must first find 40,000 small donors to participate in upcoming TV duels.

Donald Trump in New York court

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Donald Trump in New York court

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