June 13, 2024

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Holiday in Japan: Payment behavior shows how the Swiss travel


Most Popular Travel DestinationsPaying behavior revealed: Swiss boom destination

Card issues show what tourists from Switzerland spend their money on. Most important findings.

Fabian Boschl
  • A study of payment behavior shows how people travel from Switzerland.

  • The most popular holiday destinations are Switzerland and neighboring countries. But intercontinental travel is on the rise.

  • Asia is particularly in demand.

Thanks Strong Frank Holidays for people in Switzerland are now particularly cheap compared to many other countries. Current analysis shows that the Swiss spent significantly more money last year, particularly in Asia, Australia and Oceania.

Financial services provider Swiss Bankers analyzed the card issues. About half a million people use the provider's travel card. The analysis was exclusively presented 20 minutes ago.

Most important findings:

People from Switzerland prefer to stay in their own country

More than a quarter of travel spending in 2023 was made in this country (25.9 percent).

The most popular foreign travel destinations are neighboring countries

Next to Switzerland are the following countries at the top. Everyone in Europe except the US:

Japan is booming during the holidays

Remote destinations are becoming popular. In 2023, the Swiss spent significantly more money than the previous year, especially in Asia. Japan was the absolute trend destination with the largest increase of 115 percent.

According to the authors of the study, one reason for the increase in intercontinental travel is the catch-up effect after the corona period, as travel options are severely limited in many countries.

The Swiss spend very little in Greenland

At the bottom of the ranking of travel destinations, sorted by transaction amounts, are exotic destinations. In no other country do the Swiss spend less than in Greenland.

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Most of the money is lost while shopping

At 26.3 percent, Swiss tourists mostly use their travel money to shop globally and pay locally. This was followed by travel expenses on hotels, flights and transportation (20.9 percent) and restaurants (6.9 percent).

Most popular currency

Before a vacation, many travelers order banknotes in foreign currencies to take home from their bank. By 2023, the demand for this service has increased by 19.6 percent.

The most popular are US dollars. The currency is accepted in many parts of the world. The Japanese yen (up 210 percent) is also in high demand, confirming the trend in Japanese travel. The dirham entered the top ten, indicating Dubai's growing popularity as a travel destination.

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