July 24, 2024

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Drug smugglers pounce on investigating officers in speedboat – 2 dead


Barbate, SpainDrug traffickers kill two investigators with speedboat

When police officers wanted to search a suspected smuggling boat in the port of Barbate, Spain, the criminals stepped on the gas: two investigators died.

  • Drugs are often smuggled along the Spanish Atlantic coast.

  • To do this, criminals use highly motorized speedboats.

  • Now the smugglers ran into two Spanish explorers at the port of Barbate.

Two Civil Guard officers died on Friday when a narco-speedboat struck Barbate port in Cadiz, military establishment sources confirmed. One of the dead was a member of the Rapid Response Team and the other a member of the Underwater Operations Specialist Team. The exact circumstances of the confrontation and the identities of the dead investigators have not been released. According to press reports, a third person was seriously injured and may lose an arm.

Officers were stationed in the Barbate area and were under the command of the Guardia Civil in Cádiz. Unofficial sources confirm to “El Pais” that some of the drug boats that usually stay at sea to smuggle drugs took shelter from the bad weather in Barbate port this Friday. There was a small boat with two agents and they were killed when they collided with the smuggling boat.

High speed patrol boats for the police

The violent reaction of some drug traffickers when they are intercepted at sea by Guardia Civil vessels has led military leaders to decide to buy high-speed patrol boats. These should be able to withstand the impact of smugglers.

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After acquiring these two reinforced boats of 18.5 meters length and speed of 55 knots (nearly 100 km/h), the Ministry of Home Affairs has floated two more tenders to supply six more boats to the armed forces in 2021. About 15 million euros are to be awarded. Two of them are scheduled to be delivered in the first half of this year.

On its social networks, the United Association of Civil Guards (AUGC) regretted the tragic event on Friday.

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