July 24, 2024

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Here a fire-fighting plane crashed in the Euboea forest

Here a fire-fighting plane crashed in the Euboea forest


Here a fire-fighting plane crashes into burning forests of Euboea

The mission to fight a forest fire on the island of Euboea ended in death: on Tuesday, a Canadian CL-215 firefighting plane with two pilots crashed.


The aircraft hit a tree with its right wing.

  • A firefighting plane crashed while fighting a fire on the island of Euboea.

  • Canadair CL-215 crashes into a tree, a video shows.

  • The two pilots on board were from the Hellenic Air Force. They are probably dead.

During operations against a forest fire in the south of the Greek island of Euboea near Karystos around 3pm local time on Tuesday. A firefighting plane crashed. On board the plane, a twin-engine Canadair CL-215, were two air force pilots whose fate is currently unknown – they are believed to have died in the crash. One of them is said to be 26 years old. An aircraft belonging to the 355th Tactical Transport Squadron of the Hellenic Air Force’s 112th Fighter Wing.

In a video you can see how the plane takes on water at low altitude Burning area of ​​forest Discharges. Then the engine pulls up again and tries to fly to the right. But, apparently, the machine touched a tree with a floating body at the end of the wing – the clip shows how the part falls from the plane. The Canadian then rapidly loses altitude and plunges nose-first into the bushland. The crew of the second engine following must watch in horror.

Helicopters are currently circling the area to monitor the situation. Rescue operation started. The Karistos area, where the firefighting aircraft operate, is known for strong winds.

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Built for use as a firefighting aircraft

The Canadair CL-125 is an aircraft designed exclusively for firefighting. It is a high-wing, twin-engine amphibious aircraft designed for low-speed, high-load operations in severe forest fire conditions and for landing on narrow, unpaved runways. The CL-215 can draw water from lakes, rivers or the open sea. It takes only ten seconds to fill their tanks with about 5500 liters of water. She can cut up to 125 charges per day.

Its first flight took place in 1967 and it was built until 1990. So the crashed plane is more than 30 years old. The pilots had no way to escape the plane.

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