April 23, 2024

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Had to stand behind women. The Swiss Nobel laureate feels discriminated against as a man

Had to stand behind women.  The Swiss Nobel laureate feels discriminated against as a man
Nobel laureate Kurt Wuthrich is annoyed by discrimination against men.


Are men discriminated against in science? Switzerland’s Nobel laureate Kurt Wuthrich caused a stir with his statement.

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  • Swiss Nobel laureate Kurt Wüthrich lashed out at an event about discrimination against men.
  • Reason: Researchers participating in the event were asked to pose for a group photo.
  • The Nobel laureate says: “It’s ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.”

At an event where young researchers exchange ideas with Nobel laureates, Swiss Nobel laureate Kurt Wüthrich explains that he feels biased.

How did it come about? “As a male scientist, I’m discriminated against when I’m here,” he said at the “Nobel Laureate Gathering in Linda.”

The theme of the conference was Women

“After the first day of the meeting, unfortunately, it became clear that science was not going to be the topic of the conference,” Wuthrich explains. Topic Women in Science. He sat loudly “Click” With three men on stage. Apparently, the statement came from a fact Wüthrich quoted from an interview.

According to “Blick”, he referred to “Schwabisch’s” interview with scientist Christian Nazlein-Volhardt. The biologist criticizes that women “better not walk” like men. “As men are strictly allowed to be, women must be very friendly and beautiful, otherwise they will get into trouble”.

The researcher reacts to Wuthrich’s claim

According to Wüthrich, a scientist in the audience says: “As a female researcher, it is very embarrassing to hear a Nobel laureate lamenting ‘male discrimination’.”

Then the referee of the event tries to interrupt the researcher. Then she adds: “There may be individual discrimination against men, but it is nothing compared to the systemic structural discrimination that women face.” He receives applause from the audience.

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“It’s ridiculous”

Opposite Science Magazine “Science” Wuthrich resurrects after the event. He does not feel left behind as an individual, but as a human being.

For example, when a group of scientists were asked to step forward for a photograph. “It would be very scary for me to be presented this way,” he says angrily. Obviously, he has to stand behind women.

“It’s ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous,” says Wuthrich. He believes it discriminates against men and glorifies women.

But the gap between men and women is still wide, especially in research. Even today, as “Research and Teaching” writes at the end of June, publications rarely mention women as co-authors. Also, only 60 women scientists have won the Nobel Prize so far. A total of 892 men received it.