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Germany: The great mystery about the body of unemployed Arno Tübel

Germany: The great mystery about the body of unemployed Arno Tübel


The great mystery about the dead body of the unemployed Arno Tubal

A few days ago, the death of a “naughty unemployed person in Germany” became known. But so far there is no trace of his body.


Arno Dübel’s body apparently disappeared.

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  • German Cult Jobless Arno Deubel Dies at 67

  • The whereabouts of his body remains a mystery.

  • He does not appear to have been buried in the Hamburg cemetery.

He was called “Germany’s cheeky unemployed» Known – Arno Deubel died on Tuesday at the age of 67. In his hometown of Hamburg, Tübel was admitted to the university hospital three weeks ago He died there A few days later, “Morgenpost” reported. But his death is now a mystery because, according to “Bild” newspaper, his body could not be found.

The central administration of Hamburg cemeteries confirmed to the newspaper that no body was cremated in any of their crematoriums. Lutz Rehkopf, a spokesman for the Hamburg cemeteries, says: “We would have expected the deceased to be accepted in Hamburg-Ogendorf.” But Arno Dubel’s body was not recorded there or in the next great mortuary.

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Where is Arno Dübel?

One possibility is that relatives took the body to a funeral home immediately after death, and then he left it outside Hamburg. was buried. Another possibility is that it is still housed at the university hospital. Do not wish to comment on this for data protection reasons.

The alleged funeral on April 15, 2023 turns out to be a dead end. According to “Bild” newspaper, acquaintances named this date as the day of the funeral service. However, the two cemetery administrations question the burial, denying that there was no such event that day or that Arno Tubal was buried with them. The last option is anonymous burial. But according to the newspaper, this type of burial is not officially available in any cemeteries.

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