April 15, 2024

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Germany: Art installation to keep punks away from silt

Germany: Art installation to keep punks away from silt


Whale sings against Silt’s punks

The holiday island chill was taken over by punks last summer, thanks to €9 tickets. An art installation is now intended to ward off uninvited guests.


In the summer of 2022, when a nine-euro ticket made cheap travel on the German railway network possible in Germany, the island of Sylt was visited by many punks.


The municipality of Westerland on the German island of Sylt has responded 9 euro Bunk camp during summer 2022 Actions taken To prevent similar incidents: He set up whale installations with sound at Radhaspark, thereby redefining the scope of art.

Art materials and waves

The punks enjoyed camping in the park and may come back when the weather is nice. To prevent this, the municipality cordoned off the park and provided twelve large art objects, including a Viking ship, a whale, dolphins and other decorative objects. In addition, whale songs and wave sounds are played.

The installation, called “Meeresrauschen”, costs around 100,000 euros (about 97,000 francs) and also offers a light show at night. Where artworks like Viking ships and whales shine, the idea is that punk tents have no place. The so-called “defensive architecture” is meant to ward off apparently unwelcome guests.

Is defensive architecture justified?

Hamburg Central Station already uses classical music to keep away drug addicts and dealers. Elsewhere, uncomfortable seats are deliberately installed that do not invite people to lie down. Strategies are designed to prevent certain behaviors or unwanted people.

Urban and spatial planner Rachel Marti Westerland criticized the SRF’s approach to the municipality. It is clear that art is being abused here. “Everyone needs to be in the public space, everyone needs access and space,” says Marty. And: “Blaming people for staying is the opposite of what public space is supposed to do.” It will soon become clear if the installation can actually keep the bunks away from the silt as the weather warms.

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