April 15, 2024

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Gang leader “Barbecue” threatens civil war and genocide

Gang leader “Barbecue” threatens civil war and genocide

Jimmy Ceresier: Gang leader also known as “Barbecue”.Build: Keystone

A tense situation prevails in Haiti. A powerful gang leader urges the Prime Minister to resign – or there will be consequences.

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The situation in Haiti continues to deteriorate after armed gangs attacked the national prison in the capital Port-au-Prince. Jimmy Ceresier, a powerful mob leader known as “Barbecue”, warned of further escalation: “If Ariel Henry does not resign and the international community continues to support him, we are heading straight for a civil war that will lead to genocide.” He said according to France 24 news channel.

According to the report, the 46-year-old said:

“Haiti will become heaven or hell for all of us. It is out of the question that a small group of rich people living in big hotels decides the fate of people in working-class areas.”

Ceresier leads a group of gangs known as the “G9 Family and Associates”. According to reports, his role model was François “Papa Doc” Duvalier, who ruled Haiti with ruthless brutality in the 1960s and 70s. Chérisier was indicted by the UN for human rights violations. A former police officer under ban.

The Prime Minister's return was delayed

Meanwhile, escalating mob violence delayed Prime Minister Ariel Henry's return. Officials in the Caribbean nation of Puerto Rico confirmed on Tuesday evening that Henry's government plane had briefly landed there. But he did not know if Henry was still in Puerto Rico, the governor's spokesman told the AFP news agency.

Because of the violence, he was able to airport There are no flights from Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince. In the neighboring Dominican Republic, Henry was denied permission to land, according to Dominican media group CDN. The Dominican Republic It suspended all flights to Haiti on Tuesday.

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The gangs fight to get Henry to resign

The violence escalated last Thursday. Rival armed groups that control large swaths of the country have been fighting together for the resignation of Prime Minister Henry, who was due to leave office in early February. He traveled there last week Kenya, he signed an agreement to deploy Kenyan police forces in Haiti. UN to stabilize situation in Haiti Kenya agreed to lead an international response force authorized by the Security Council.

On Saturday evening, criminal gangs entered the National Prison in the capital Port-au-Prince to free the inmates. The latest attacks are part of a concerted operation by criminal gangs who have organized themselves under the name “Vivre Group” (“Living Together”). Gang leader Ceresier said the gunmen had done terrible things, but “I believe society must forgive them and come together to build a new Haiti.”

barbecue, "G9 and family"  A mob speaks to reporters in the Delmas 6 neighborhood of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Tuesday, Mar...

“Barbecue” threatens civil war and genocide.Build: Keystone

A serious crisis in Haiti

The Caribbean nation of Haiti has been in dire straits for years, including not only gang violence, but also political instability and economic crises. According to the United Nations, the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance in the country has doubled in the past five years alone.

The assassination of President Moise in 2021 dramatically worsened the security situation. According to the UN, 1,100 people were killed, injured or kidnapped in Haiti in January alone. The country's criminal gangs seem to be more armed than the police. The Caribbean country has not held any elections since 2016. The post of Chairman is vacant.

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Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Haiti


Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Haiti

Rolf and Raffaella Maibach Hobital Alber Schweitzer with a Haitian patient.

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