April 19, 2024

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Fears rise after Ukrainian attacks in parts of Russia

An urgent evacuation has been ordered

Ukrainian attacks on Russian border towns are exacerbating Putin’s problems

Russia’s aggression in Ukraine now extends into its own territory. An emergency evacuation was ordered following Ukrainian attacks on Russian border towns. Kyiv also wants long-range missiles from the US. Biden hesitates, fearing an escalation.


The rocket hit Russia’s Belgorod, near Kharkiv, on the Ukrainian border.

Russia’s war in Ukraine does not stop at its own borders. The Russians are currently evacuating many areas along the Ukrainian border where the fighting has spilled over into their own territory. It is not clear whether it was scattered fire or a targeted attack.

This week, officials in the Russian border region of Belgorod privately asked President Vladimir Putin, 69, to authorize the evacuation of entire areas along the border. This was reported by the Russian Telegram channel on Wednesday “General SVR”Proved Kremlin insider access.