April 15, 2024

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FBI offers $1 million to Swiss dual citizens


Vladislav OsipovFBI offers $1 million reward for Swiss dual citizen

US law enforcement officials are searching for Vladislav Osipov and have promised a large reward. The Russian dual citizen reportedly evaded sanctions.

Justin Arbor
  • Russian-Swiss dual citizen Vladislav Osipov is wanted by the FBI.

  • The 52-year-old is said to have helped oligarch Viktor Vekselberg hide his ownership of the impounded luxury yacht “Tango”.

  • US law enforcement officials on Thursday announced a $1 million reward for information.

Russian-Swiss dual citizen Vladislav Osipov is being hunted by the FBI. A reward of one million US dollars has now been announced for information about the wanted man. This is equivalent to about 882,000 Swiss francs.

A 17-page indictment was filed Thursday accusing Osipov of bank fraud, the company wrote in a statement. He is said to have held senior positions in several companies owned or controlled by Viktor Vekselberg.

“The Structure of a Complex Letterbox Company”

Die Zeitung “weather” The 52-year-old allegedly violated US sanctions against oligarch Vekselberg. The head of metals and oil conglomerate Renova, one of Russia's richest men, is seen by Washington as a close confidant of Vladimir Putin. However, he always denied this fact.

US authorities accuse Osipov of creating a complex structure of shell companies to hide the fact that the real owner of the luxury yacht “Tango” is Viktor Vekselberg. The vessel was seized and declared restricted property in April 2022 at the request of the US Department of Justice in Palma de Mallorca.