May 24, 2024

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Excited about Ana Obregon (68) who is now a mother and grandmother

Excited about Ana Obregon (68) who is now a mother and grandmother


Excitement about Ana Obregón (68) – she became a mother and a grandmother at the same time

A heated debate has erupted in Spain about TV star Ana Obregon. The reason: A 68-year-old surrogate mother carried him a child in the US – the seed comes from her dead son.


Spanish actress and TV host…


  • Spanish TV personality Ana Obregon became a mother again at age 68, via surrogate.

  • Now he revealed that the girl was actually his granddaughter.

  • In Spain, the current ban on surrogacy is once again a hotly debated topic.

Surprise a week ago Ana Obregon With the news that she became a mother again – at the age of 69. To do this, she gave birth to a child carried by a surrogate mother in Miami, who is now three weeks old and named Ana Sandra. The age of the actress and TV presenter later sparked a heated debate in Spain – but the truth is surrogate mother It is prohibited by law in Spain. “This debate is ridiculous,” Obregon said of the allegations. “Everything is legal.”

Now more facts about the circumstances have come to light: since the girl who is now growing up with Obregón is actually her granddaughter – Ana Sandra was conceived with the sperm of her son Ales, who died of cancer in 2020, and had previously been frozen. His death, “Hola!” Betrayed. The biological mother is said to be from Cuba and was paid for her services.

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Leaving a child behind was his last wish, Obregon defends his character. “This child is not my daughter, but my granddaughter. She is Ales’ daughter, and when she grows up I will tell her that her father is a hero, so that she knows who he is and how proud she is of him,” says the TV girl. Ales’ biggest wish is to have another child. “I let you down by swearing to save you from cancer. I promised to give birth to your daughter and now she’s in my arms,” ​​he wrote on Instagram.

Surrogacy Act needs to be changed

Now in Spain, the controversial ban surrogate mother Newly discussed. Equal Opportunities Minister Irene Montero strongly rejects the practice, describing it as “violence against women” and Education Minister Pilar Alegria considers surrogacy to have a negative impact on the child’s well-being, representatives of the Center Party. Ciudadanos are now calling for the ban to be relaxed: if surrogacy is done for selfish reasons, i.e. if the surrogate does not make money from it, then it should be legalized.

According to a survey, the majority of Spaniards think so too. And many, especially older people who want to have children, break Spanish law by giving birth abroad. This means that people above 45 years of age can legally adopt a child, otherwise they cannot.

“You, it’s always about you”

However, Ana Obregon is also criticized as a person: she abuses her granddaughter to make a comeback in the media. Twitter user Miss Rishko writes: “Another clear example of Ana Obregon stealing her son’s projects. She rewrites his illness from her point of view and puts herself on the cover. You, always you. I’m not alone anymore, I’m happy now, I wrote his book, I created his child. Me and my ego”.