July 23, 2024

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“Emmelinde” hits Germany – severe storm damage in Germany – News

“Emmelinde” hits Germany – severe storm damage in Germany – News

  • A hurricane may have wreaked havoc in Lipstot and Baderborn in northern Rhine-Westphalia on Friday afternoon.
  • 30 to 40 people were injured and ten of them were critically injured.
  • According to the fire brigade and police, the urban area of ​​Lipstot and Baderborn was hit by a hurricane.


The tower of St. Clemens Church in Hellinghouse near Lipstod was torn down by the storm.


Police say a hurricane swept through the middle of the city of Federburn, wreaking havoc from west to east. A spokesman for the fire department said the entire city area was affected. The fire brigade said a hurricane was expected in Lipstot, about 35 kilometers (15 miles) away, causing severe damage.

In the Hellinghausen district near Lipstod, the storm fell on top of the church tower. 200 to 300 firefighters are on duty. The task force in the Soest Fire Brigade District has requested the support of other firefighters from the region to Lippstadt, it said in a statement.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry of North Rhine-Westphalia confirmed that Baderborn and Lipstad had been severely affected by the storm. Roofs were torn in both cities. The houses are somewhat uninhabitable or partially dilapidated. Can’t enter other houses. Damage in the billions is expected.

According to the DWD, several reports of hurricanes in addition to Lipstot have been received from Lutensheit and Meshet. Police and firefighters said trees had fallen, cars had been damaged by hail and the foundations had been flooded. The storm covered the roofs and uprooted the trees. In Hellinghouse, near Lipstod, the tower of a church was torn down.

The German Meteorological Agency (DWD) issued its first storm warning for the low-lying area of ​​Emmelinde early in the morning. Already in the morning there were warnings of hurricane force winds, hail, heavy rain and isolated hurricanes in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Heavy thunderstorms lashed across West Germany on Thursday, but the damage was less than alarming. At times, train services to the Netherlands were disrupted. Thunderstorms and winds triggered hundreds of firefighting operations in Lower Saxony.

The DWD expects thundershowers in southern Germany the night before the low pressure area moves towards Poland.

Windhos moves through Lipstot and Baderborn

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