June 22, 2024

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Drone kills several US soldiers in Jordan


Middle East conflictUS soldier killed in drone strike in Jordan

Shock for Pentagon: A drone strike fired from Syria by pro-Iranian militias kills three US soldiers in Jordan.

  • A drone attack on a US base in Jordan.

  • 3 soldiers were killed and 25 injured.

  • This is the first time US soldiers have been killed in an ongoing Middle East conflict.

Three US soldiers were involved in the drone attack in Jordan were killed and about two dozen wounded near the Syrian border. US President Joe Biden said on Sunday that the attack was carried out by “extremist, Iran-backed militant groups” operating in Syria and Iraq. However, they are still in the process of gathering facts about the attack. Biden threatened: “Make no doubt — we will hold everyone accountable at the time and in the manner we choose.”

The U.S. military's regional command, CENTCOM, said Sunday that 25 soldiers were injured. The attack took place on Sunday at a US base in Jordan. The US military did not provide any further background to the incident.

Biden insisted that the United States stands together in the “war on terror.” “This is a fight we will not give up.” “Americans' hearts are heavy today,” Biden said. “These military members embodied the best our nation has to offer: unwavering in their bravery.”

Are multiple drones used?

According to US media, this is the first time US soldiers have been killed in an enemy attack in the Middle East since the Gaza war began in October. CNN reported that the drone came from militias backed by Iran, but apparently from Syria. It is not clear why the air defense was unable to intercept the drone. The United States has repeatedly stressed that it fears the ongoing conflict in the Middle East could escalate into a regional war.

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US-led coalition forces shot down a drone belonging to pro-Iranian fighters near Syria's border with Jordan and Iraq, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. They tried to attack the al-Tanf military base used by US troops. The Observatory has counted more than 100 attacks on coalition bases in Syria since mid-October. US forces have also occasionally struck targets of pro-Iranian militias.

It was initially unclear if there were multiple attacks on the site in a row on Sunday. Al-Jazeera news channel quoted a Jordanian government official as saying that the US base that was hit was outside Jordan.

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