April 15, 2024

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Delta Airlines: Worms fall on passengers


Delta Air Lines“It's absolutely disgusting”: maggots fall on travelers' heads

A Delta Airlines flight was turned back to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam on Tuesday after maggots fell on passengers.

Justin Arbor
  • A Delta flight from Amsterdam to Detroit was canceled Tuesday.

  • Maggots fell on passengers' heads from carry-on luggage containing rotten fish.

  • It is not known whether the owner of the luggage will face any consequences.

On Tuesday morning, Delta flight DL133 from Amsterdam to Detroit had to return to Schiphol Airport. As “AirLive” writes, the flight took off at 10:30 am and the crew ordered the flight to return an hour later.

On Reddit, one of the parents on the flight explains what passengers should do. An economy class passenger told a flight attendant that worms had fallen on his head. Some passengers described the journey as “absolutely disgusting”.

Rotten fish is the cause

“Focus” reports that the overhead compartment of the Airbus A330-300 aircraft contained hand luggage and rotten fish. It was wrapped in newspaper. After landing, the obnoxious baggage was reportedly burned, and the plane was thoroughly cleaned. Another fellow passenger told the Daily Mail that the owner of the luggage was identified and detained on the flight. It is not clear to what extent passengers will be affected.

Passengers received 8,000 airline miles, hotel room compensation and a $30 meal voucher for an overnight delay, Gells said.