July 20, 2024

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Corona exposure is high in the Netherlands

Corona exposure is high in the Netherlands

With about 16,000 new corona infections, the number in the Netherlands has risen to unprecedented levels.

Briefly essential

  • The number of new corona infections in the Netherlands has reached new highs.
  • In a single day, 16,364 new infections were reported.
  • This is 4,000 more than the average of the last seven days.

Number of new corona infections In the Netherlands Rising to over 16,000, it has thus reached a record high.

Not so many people came in a single day during this epidemic New corona cases Reported. This was shared by the Reich Institute for Health Environment With RIVM on Thursday.

16,364 new infections have been registered, which is 4,000 more than the average in the last seven days. It increases the number of 7-day events by more than 500 – more than double what it is in Switzerland. Considering the worrying growth, The Government About further tightening measures at present.

1700 corona patients are hospitalized

The number of patients and deaths in hospitals is also increasing. There were about 1,700 Govt patients in hospitals on Thursday. The situation, especially in the intensive care units, is so dangerous that hospitals are already warning of emergencies.

In the last seven days, an average of 24 people have died from Govt. There were an average of 18 deaths per day in the previous week.

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