May 21, 2024

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Conference in India: “A war has been launched against us” – Lavrov laughed by the audience

Conference in India: “A war has been launched against us” – Lavrov laughed by the audience

Conference in India

“The war has started against us” – Lavrov laughed at the audience

At a conference in India, Sergei Lavrov says his country is trying to end the war. The audience laughs.


India abstained from the vote on the UN resolution calling for peace and Moscow’s withdrawal.


  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov speaks at Raisina Conference in India.

  • In New Delhi he again blamed the West for the war.

  • At one report, the audience burst into laughter.

That would be the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Probably won’t happen often: At a conference in the Indian capital of New Delhi on Friday – in English – he spoke about the West again. War in Ukraine accused, he was interrupted by laughter from the audience. When asked about his country’s energy policy, he said: “You know, we are trying to end and the war that was launched against us using Ukraine…”.

After a short pause due to laughter from the audience, he hesitantly stated that he had influenced Russia’s politics (war) including energy policy. Russia will no longer rely on partners in the West. Instead, they want reliable partners in energy policy, India and China certainly among them.

“Military Special Operations” was the word exchange for the first war

It is significant that Lavrov described the war this way. So far, the Kremlin has avoided this, talking about a “military special operation”.

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At the end of the 30-minute conversation at the Raisina conference, which was broadcast by the news website Firstpost, the referee said goodbye to Lavrov and asked if he could promise that the next conversation would take place at a less dangerous time. “The Americans will definitely suggest some questions that you can use,” Lavrov said, standing up, smiling, and leaving the stage, smiling. The Multilateral Geopolitical and Economic Conference, organized by a think tank and the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, is held annually in New Delhi.

Laughter at Lavrov’s performance caused a stir on social media. Lavrov becomes a joke, the world power is simply laughed at, it should be ashamed, according to various reactions.

India has strong economic and military ties with Russia and prefers to remain neutral. Most of the equipment used by the Indian Armed Forces comes from Russia. Most recently, the South Asian nation, with the second largest population after China, abstained in a UN General Assembly referendum on the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The resolution contains a demand for peace and the withdrawal of Moscow.

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