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Complaints like itching appear initially

Complaints like itching appear initially
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Menstruation – Many middle-aged women dread when it will happen and what symptoms they will have to deal with. Symptoms may appear years earlier.

The phase in a woman’s life when she comes to “transition” is a natural process, but feared by many. Women or young women often get the side effects of menopause, called menopausal symptoms, from their own mothers, who openly complain about sometimes very unpleasant symptoms, such as hot flashes and sleep disorders. Menopause usually starts between the ages of 40 and 45, sometimes even earlier. However, some women can still get pregnant in their 40s or older. Knowing what is happening in the body and what symptoms are observed in the early stages can help some people cope with menopause.

Menstruation: What happens in the body?

Sleep disturbances, restless sleep with hot flashes are the early symptoms of menopause, the phase when menstruation starts. © amenic181/Imago

Menopause (menopause) in women begins ten years before the last menstrual period and ends only long after. This stage of life marks a gradual transition from fertility—that is, the age at which a woman can conceive naturally—to a hormonal level that essentially makes pregnancy naturally impossible. As a result of the “change”, the ovaries produce less and less sex hormones – first, progesterone in the blood decreases, and then the concentration of estrogen decreases significantly. Female cycles become increasingly irregular and shorter or longer, monthly ovulation occurs less and less frequently, and therefore fertility declines. Menstrual periods become more irregular and eventually stop altogether.

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Doctors talk about the so-called menstruation when the last period begins. At this time, women were on average 52 years old. There are also cases of menopause occurring at age 45 or earlier. Some people actually experience menopause only in their mid-50s. It usually takes five to seven years for the hormone transition to complete.

Women who stop menarche before the age of 40 have early menopause. For example, it can be caused by diseases of the thyroid gland, so Das Forum Thyroid, or treatments in the case of cancer. In any case, women should discuss this with their treating gynecologist.

What stages of menopause do women go through?

Menstruation: The time of the last menstrual period (menstruation) if the uterus has not been removed and hormonal products are not used. Menopause can only be determined prospectively, as bleeding should not have occurred for at least twelve months prior.

Premenopause: The menopausal period before menopause

Perimenopause: One to one year after menopause

Period of Menopause: At least twelve months after menopause. Menopause usually lasts for several years

Source: Apothekenumschau

Menopause symptoms begin insidiously: years before menopause

In most cases, the female body begins to transition to the barren stage of life from the age of 40. The production of progesterone and estrogen is gradually reduced. The first symptoms are initially associated with:

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