July 20, 2024

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Cologne: Neighborhood dispute ends in ridiculous court ruling


CologneCouples are not allowed to go to the front door – otherwise they face a 250,000 euro fine

A neighborhood dispute ends in a crazy court ruling: a Cologne couple is no longer allowed to walk down the street in front of their house, or else they risk huge fines or jail time.

Leticia Vecchio
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On Stüttgerhofweg in Cologne Junkersdorf, a neighborhood dispute ended in a ridiculous court ruling.

A neighborhood dispute over Stutkerhofweg in Cologne Junkersdorf ended in a ridiculous court ruling.

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  • Married couples are not allowed to enter the street in front of their house.

  • It was decided by a court in a civil case.

  • A house on a private street, the owners are involved in a neighborhood dispute with a couple.

Imagine a crime every time you leave your own home. You face a fine of 250,000 euros (about 234,000 francs) – or even prison. No, this is not the story of the series “Hellish Neighbors” that aired on RTL in the early 2000s, but of the Kurdish couple Bervin S. and Latif B. from January 3, 2024. Cologne. The court has now ruled that. The “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” reports on the absurd case. The ruling is the result of a three-year neighborly dispute between the couple and the owners of Stüttgerhofweg, next to which the two have their home, but which is privately owned.

The street is located in an upscale area of ​​Cologne and is owned by a real estate and management company that is represented by another couple who live on the street. The real estate company in question contractually agreed to transfer the road to the responsible municipality in 1973 – but nothing has happened since then. Since the case has become public, the city of Cologne is demanding that its owners dedicate Stüttgerhofweg to the city. By right of way, it means that the road is officially available to the public. If the owners of the street did not do this, the city immediately threatened enforcement. But again nothing happened.

The owners wanted a usage fee of 50 euros per day

However, in a court dispute between the two parties, the municipality's threat has little bearing on the matter: Pervin S and Latif P. The court ruled in favor of the street owners that they would not be allowed to officially enter the street, otherwise they could be fined heavily or jailed for up to six weeks. The judgment states, “Indeed, it seems utterly absurd that the defendants should not be allowed access to their property through the street, but rather through neighboring properties.” However, Pervin S. and Latif b. They did not assert their right of way, so the ban was imposed.

Interest: All other residents of the street are allowed to use the Stüttgerhofweg for free, but the plaintiffs demanded a use fee of 50 euros per day from the Kurdish couple. On the other hand, the court found that 300 euros per year was appropriate. But Berwyn S. and Latif b. They don't want to pay extra to enter the street in front of their house. Both's nerves are now on edge: “My brother is in a coma in the hospital, he could die any minute, I go to see him every day – now I have to be a criminal. Get out of my house?” that opposite the “Kolner Stadt-Ansiger” S. Your lawyer is currently preparing an appeal.

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