July 23, 2024

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Cleo’s kidnapper was obsessed with toys

Cleo’s kidnapper was obsessed with toys

In the case of the abducted Cleo (4), new details are coming to light. The kidnapper (36) is obsessed with toys. Created an imaginary family on the internet.

Briefly essential

  • New information is coming to light that Cleo (4) has been hijacked.
  • Terry Kelly, 36, was obsessed with Bratz toys.
  • Four days later a four-year-old girl was found in the suspect’s home.

Related 36 year old Fall of the abducted Cleo (4) He was arrested for possession of toys. This is shown by his various social media accounts. A case has been registered against the kidnapper.

The four-year-old girl went missing from one of the camps two weeks ago. Yesterday, Wednesday, after 18 days, police found that Cleo was unharmed House in Cornwall, Australia. Not long ago, homeowner Terry Kelly, 36, was arrested.

Police did not want to comment on the toy craze

Um Website Kelly shared on her different accounts Love For brand “Bratz” toys. Pictures show that he had a room full of Bratz toys. Police have not yet commented on the craze for toys.

except that The kidnapper did it An imaginary family on social media with fake profiles. Neighbors, however, confirm the 36-year-old has no children.

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