June 13, 2024

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Canada: Woman (37) dies after waiting 7 hours in emergency department

She screamed in pain

Female (37) had to wait 7 hours for emergency department – died

A woman in Canada had to wait seven hours in an emergency room before screaming in pain. But by the time the doctors found time for her, it was already too late. His family is in shock.


Alison Holthoff had to wait seven hours in the emergency room.

She screamed in pain, but no one noticed Alison Holtup († 37). The Canadian had to wait seven hours in an emergency room. After that, doctors can only determine death.

On the morning of December 31, Holthoff woke up with stomach pains. She wanted to take a bath to ease the pain. Since September 2022, the woman has experienced repeated pain after falling from her horse.