April 19, 2024

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Australia: A snake hanging from a frog

Australia: A snake hanging from a frog

The photo goes viral

Riddles, revulsion, wonder – you won’t soon forget this frog photo

In Australia, the most poisonous animals are at home and make life difficult for each other, as a photo of a frog proves.


The coral finger tree frog lives in Australia and feeds on insects and spiders.


  • A shot from Australia is now going viral.

  • In the photo you can see an eastern brown snake hanging from the anus of a small coral finger tree frog.

  • Even snake experts cannot explain how this incident happened.

If you are Snake experts No more advice from Sunshine Coast snake catchers 24/7, then something very unusual must have happened. An Australian sent the confused snapshot to venom experts hoping for guidance and help, but snake catchers at a loss for what to do.

The photo shows the second most venomous snake on the continent hanging from the anus of a tiny coral finger tree frog. Did the frog want to eat the poisonous snake? Swallowed without digesting? There is Eastern brown snake Swallowed as an egg and fried into a frog? The snake catcher’s Facebook page has been pouring in comments about the very odd photo, but nothing has come to a conclusion yet.

One user formulates exactly what most people are thinking: “When I think about it, I feel very uncomfortable. I have so many questions, but somehow I don’t want to know,” it says there.

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Disturbing footage of a similar incident

The woman reportedly watched the poor frog briefly try to push the snake out with its hind legs – but it was only when the brave woman pulled on the dead reptile that the frog was freed. It is not clear whether he actually accidentally swallowed the venomous snake and his digestion thwarted his plans. In fact, coral finger feeds on insects and spiders.

As Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 writes on Facebook, this isn’t an isolated case: “After the viral photo, one of our followers sent us this crazy video of a green tree frog. You can see the relief in the frog’s eyes, haha!” Snake experts opined. The disturbing video can be found here.

If you have strong nerves you can find a similar incident here.

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