June 22, 2024

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Amok in Hamburg: This is what is known about the perpetrator

Amok in Hamburg: This is what is known about the perpetrator

Amok in the church

Criminals from Hamburg published a book about God, Jesus and Satan

At a Jehovah’s Witnesses church in Hamburg, seven people were shot dead and several others were seriously injured on Thursday evening. The shooter also died. The identity of the accused has now been revealed.


PF (35) killed seven people in a church in Hamburg.


  • 7 killed in attack on Jehovah’s Witnesses church

  • Accused PF (35) died.

  • The native Bavarian had no prior criminal record with the police.

In the church shooting Jehovah’s Witnesses in Hamburg According to the police, 8 people died in this. The suspected shooter was among them, police in the Hanseatic city said on Friday. When the police arrived, the accused distracted himself.

To the criminal It must be the 35-year-old PF, who writes “build”. The authorities do not know that he is a terrorist. The murder weapon is said to have been a handgun. PF was a member of a devout religious community.

He was definitely brought up as a preacher

PF grew up in Kempten in the Allgäu and later studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten and the University of Munich. There were two semesters abroad in China and England. PF describes his childhood as strictly evangelical. On his website he describes himself as “multicultural” and a “self-confessed European”.

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After training, he worked as a project manager and business controller in various companies in Hamburg. For the past ten months he has been working freelance and setting up his own company. Between October 2020 and February 2022, the PF is on a sabbatical.

Amok in Hamburg: Forensic scientists examine crime scene.


A confusing book about God and Satan

PF also worked as a book editor: according to PF, it aimed to provide a “completely new view” of God, Jesus Christ and Satan. It is intended to become a new standard creation along with the Bible and the Koran and will. Valid for another 100 years. The work is meant to shed light on human development and explain the mystery of Jesus’ millennial kingdom: it is simply intended to “explain the impossible,” PF explains on its website.

PF does not describe God, Jesus Christ, and Satan as abstract human beings, but as human beings with feelings. Therefore, like humans, they are emotional and should be guided by emotions.

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