May 21, 2024

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According to Kremlin insiders, Vladimir Putin is loaded with steroids

According to Kremlin insiders, Vladimir Putin is loaded with steroids

Vladimir Putin has cancer and Parkinson’s disease and is high on “steroids,” says a Kremlin insider.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • In the emails, a Kremlin insider reportedly talked about Putin’s ailments.
  • According to Secret Service agents, the Russian president has Parkinson’s and pancreatic cancer.
  • Putin will get “full of steroids” and “new pain injections”.

Vladimir Putin (70) has been speculated for years. He is seriously ill and takes many medicines Treatment is provided. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, these rumors have mostly been good Fueled by the West.

This is due to various films The KremlinBosses hanging around in the months after the invasion. While doing so, his entire body looked up Very swollen about several times. Other days he seemed to have to hold the table, or had a visibly paralyzed hand.

Vladimir Putin’s posts have repeatedly fueled speculation about his health. Here already in the spring of 2022. – Twitter/@triantafyllidi2

Recently, a photo of her hand caused more rumours. Some experts imagine that Putin may have been dripping. There’s one problem: Vladimir Putin reportedly takes a lot of steroids.

Excitement: Emails are now a The Kremlin-Inside confirms these claims, reports the British “The Sun”. The newspaper claims to have seen emails from Secret Service agents and quotes from them. Accordingly, the Secret Service officer informed that Putin is suffering from Parkinson’s disease and pancreatic cancer.

“I can confirm that he has early stage Parkinson’s disease. But the disease is progressing,” the emails said. Also: Vladimir Putin’s ailments “will be denied and covered up by all means.”

Do you think Putin is sick?

According to Inlut, The The Kremlin-Bass was literally “fully pumped up with regular heavy steroids”. In addition, the Russian president will receive a “new pain injection”.

According to the Secret Service agent, the injections will also help prevent the spread of his recently diagnosed pancreatic cancer. As the emails continue, Putin suffers from various side effects – among others, he has a “swollen face”. Intuition also indicates gaps in memory.

It is also known that rumors are spreading in Putin’s close circle about the president’s health. Accordingly, the fact that prostate cancer was also discovered in addition to pancreatic cancer is talked about.

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