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A woman with a beard and a penis gets irritated in a sauna in Vienna on Women’s Day

A woman with a beard and a penis gets irritated in a sauna in Vienna on Women’s Day


“Not to Be Noticed” – Enthusiasm about a woman with a beard and a penis in a women’s sauna

In a Viennese sauna, one visitor in particular caught the eye: the woman had a beard and so on, which clearly distinguished her from other women.


Vienna’s Hermannbad is open to women only on Thursdays.

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  • On a recent Women’s Day there was an irritation in a Viennese sauna.

  • A person who was different from other women not only because of his beard sat in the sauna.

  • She is a transgender from Germany.

The women’s sauna group at the Töpferlbad Hermannbad in Vienna recently had their mouths open as they took a sauna: Thursdays were both steam baths and steam baths. Sauna Reserved for women only, suddenly someone who looked a little different was sitting on a warm wooden bench.

“The beard cannot be overlooked, the sex, covered with a towel, can only be seen while taking a bath,” said a witness. This created confusion in the sauna and the women asked for an explanation as to how Heute.at reported.

“It was a transgender woman from Germany,” said a tripper pool insider at the Vienna-Neubau district office. “She showed her identification at the entrance and was then allowed in.” The appropriate gender may have been entered on the document.

The gender mentioned on the identity card is decisive

Today.ad asked the responsible officer who should have access to women’s saunas in Vienna. “For the use of gender-segregated areas (e.g. toilets, changing rooms, sauna), the gender specified in the individual document is decisive,” explains pool spokesperson Martin Kotinski at the request of Heute.at.

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The incident at Hermannbad was not denied. “Intersex people (people who cannot be assigned to any biological sex) have an x ​​here. They can choose which part to use,” he said.

After a short period of excitement, the women in the sauna at Hermannbad are said to have quickly relaxed again. Finally they agreed to visit. “But the male genitalia can’t be overlooked,” said a sauna visitor.

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