April 15, 2024

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A sailor survives 3 months at sea on fish and rainwater

A sailor survives 3 months at sea on fish and rainwater

Shipwreck in the Pacific Ocean

Sailor survives 3 months at sea – thanks to raw fish and rainwater

A man has been rescued from a shipwreck in the Pacific Ocean. The Australian had been eating raw fish and drinking rainwater for months.


Tim Shaddock was rescued in mid-July 2023 after being shipwrecked in April.

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  • An Australian sailor embarks on a voyage from Mexico to French Polynesia.

  • After a while he got caught in a storm.

  • It was by chance that he was saved.

Tim Shaddock and his dog Bella almost survived three Months at seaBy He ate only raw fish and drank rainwater. The Australian sailor embarked on a solo voyage from Mexico to French Polynesia in April, only to be caught in a severe storm a few weeks later. The electronics on his catamaran were damaged in the process. The 51-year-old was floating in the sea until he was recently found by a helicopter crew.

Portal 9News reports that the Sydney man’s adventure began in La Paz, a Mexican peninsula in Baja California. From there he wanted to reach the Pacific Islands, 6000 kilometers away.

“I want good food”

After being rescued by a tuna trawler in contact with a helicopter, an emaciated Shaddock said: “I’ve had the most difficult ordeal at sea.” He needs rest and good food now. “Otherwise I’m pretty healthy.”

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Earlier this year, a shipwrecked man in the Caribbean was rescued after 24 days with nothing but ketchup, garlic powder and bouillon cubes. Elvis Francois, a 47-year-old Dominican man, was finally rescued on January 16 about 120 nautical miles northwest of La Guajira in northeastern Colombia after a plane spotted a “help” sign on his boat.

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