July 24, 2024

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A mystery shoe was found at the crime scene. The first route leads to America

A mystery shoe was found at the crime scene.  The first route leads to America

A diving boot commonly used by US Navy divers was found near one of the North Stream bomb sites. This hitherto overlooked clue was brought to light by the expedition of official investigators Also an online news site Grayson attended.

The article raises the question of how the Swedish investigators missed this clue. Author Jeffrey Brodsky describes in detail his presence aboard the “Baltic Explorer” on the evening of May 24, 2023.

The ship was 31 nautical miles off the coast of Denmark, just above the damaged Nord Stream 2 pipeline in Sweden’s economic zone. Using a live video feed captured by an underwater drone, the author was able to view unpublished footage of the pipeline’s cracks. Suddenly a remarkable object appeared on the screen: a black and orange diving boot.

Grayson I have identified a model that looks very similar to this lock and is used by both US Navy divers and commercial divers. U.S.-trained Ukrainian Navy divers were also seen wearing similar shoes. Although investigators had a previous report of the boot, they did not collect the boot or make its presence public, the text says.

This new clue sheds light on one of the most pressing geopolitical mysteries of the century: four lines of Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 were damaged in September 2022, while one Nord Stream 2 line remained intact.

Although Sweden, Denmark and Germany conducted investigations, their findings were not made public, apart from an early Swedish assessment that the bombings were likely the result of “gross sabotage”.

This recent discovery of a diving boot similar to the boots worn by U.S. Navy divers provides a significant clue. Similarly, Ukrainian Navy divers trained in the U.S. have been seen wearing similar or nearly identical boots.

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Now: Who Are Diving Boots For? A definitive answer to this question remains open. The mystery surrounding the Nord Stream sabotage continues to be investigated.