May 21, 2024

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100,000 soldiers died? That’s why winter is turning out to be a fiasco for Putin

The expert expects 100,000 soldiers to die

That’s why winter could turn out to be a defeat for Putin

The first winter of war is just around the corner in Ukraine. Now the soldiers fight not only against the enemy, but also against the cold. Experts see defenders as an advantage.


Destroyed Russian tanks are on display in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

The lower the temperature, the more important equipment becomes for the soldiers on the front lines. More clothing, more food, more spare parts, more fuel are all in demand. In recent weeks there have been repeated reports that the Russian military He has trouble supplying his troops with supplies. Russian soldiers had to stock up on helmets, bulletproof vests and even bandages at their own expense. Ukrainian troops, on the other hand, are relatively well-equipped, they say.

As history shows, the defender has a strategic advantage in winter: for example, Hitler’s Wehrmacht attack on Russia failed in December 1941, not because of the cold. Russian President Vladimir Putin, 70, and his troops face tough months ahead, according to experts. Military and Ukraine expert Thomas C. Theiner, for example, expects 100,000 Russian soldiers to have died, he writes on Twitter.