Columbus Post

The Columbus Post, the United States first Electronic/Digital National Weekly Newspaper home delivered by Email and Text to nearly 500,000 readers throughout the United States. In 2019 the Columbus Post will continue its national path and in 2019, it will begin its journey to go Global. The Columbus Post targets diverse,upscale professional adults over 35 years of age.

Union county post

The Union County Post, a fast growing Midwest region Electronic/Digital weekly newspaper of general circulation home delivered by Email and Text, reaching nearly 250,000 readers. The Union County Post is focused on serving community- conscious general market young and mature adults with significant spending power. It's area of coverage includes Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and West Virginia.

Freedom Media Group

Freedom Media Group of Ohio is the country's diverse source for news, information, and entertainment reaching millions of consumers through compelling electronic/digital home delivery of printed brands. Our integrated video and audio options can complement the delivery of your message for a full and targeted media campaign locally, regionally and nationally.


electronic home delivery

Revolutionizing the Newspaper Industry

Those (Publishers) who innovate and keep up with the demands of their readers will rise above the rest.

  • The EHDP(sm) — AKA “the Chloe Project,” features a unique business-to-business technological process that allows electronic delivery of a newspaper by text or email, and the reading of that digital newspaper on ‘all’ computers, notepads, notebooks and smart phones. The reader of that digital newspaper can receive it anywhere in the world. This process will save the newspaper industry and environment by eliminating the newsprint and ink process that newspapers have used since 1609.
  • The EHDP(sm) — AKA “Chloe Project,” distribution system uses a digital format to print and produce, and a digital platform to electronically distribute a home-delivered newspaper directly to a reader.

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