June 22, 2024

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Trump Supporters Attack Taylor Swift – “Political Suicide”


Influence on the American election campaign“Political Suicide”: Trump Supporters Attack Taylor Swift

Republicans are now firing back against the pop superstar because of the conspiracy theory. However, this is likely to alienate many voters.

Dario Aberly
  • Taylor Swift is considered the biggest pop star in the world right now.

  • He was once criticized by the left, but since he started making political statements, criticism from the right has increased.

  • A sociology professor explains that Republicans are hurting themselves with attacks against the 34-year-old.

Superstar Taylor Swift is even big on the US presidential election. At least that's what Brian Donovan, a sociology professor at the University of Kansas who researches the Taylor Swift phenomenon, says. Donovan advises Republicans not to confuse the 34-year-old and his fans. “This is political suicide!” the professor told Politico.

A conspiracy theory circulating on Fox News and Newsmax is that Taylor Swift is a government-sponsored FBI agent who is supposed to influence US elections in favor of Democrats. Since then, right-wing politicians have tried to portray the singer as a radical feminist and declared war on her.

According to Donovan, this could affect the presidential election. As Swifties currently have one of the most active fan bases in the US – many conservative and undecided voters also adore Swift. Polling firm “Morning Consult” recently found that 55 percent of American fans see themselves as Democrats, with the rest evenly split between Republicans and undecideds.

In particular, white suburban women — a group of voters increasingly slipping away from Trump — are worried by criticism of Taylor Swift from the right. The pop superstar was once known for being apolitical, which drew criticism from the left early in her career as a country singer.

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Taylor Swift and other celebrities should stay out of politics

The current uproar stems from Swift's campaign in September to encourage people to register as voters. While Switzerland automatically sends voting papers to all adults with red passports, those in the US must try to let their communities have a say.

Estimates suggest that a quarter of eligible voters in the United States are unable to register. However, 30,000 people, mostly young people, followed Swift's call and registered for the first time.

“It's going to be a tsunami that's going to be very hard to slow down,” conservative activist Charlie Kirk later told a group of Trump supporters, according to “The Hill.” Since then, Fox News anchor Jeannine Pirro has called on Taylor Swift and other celebrities to stay out of politics. Many of Barrow's colleagues doubled down.

Trump uses Lil Wayne, Lil Pump or Kid Rock to campaign

Taylor Swift had already endorsed Joe Biden in the last election campaign and made it known on Instagram. Stars showing their political colors is more prevalent in the US than in Switzerland. In 2020, Beyoncé (42), Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (51) and Billie Eilish (22) supported Swift in addition to Biden.

Trump enlisted the help of musicians Kid Rock (53), Lil Wayne (41) and Lil Pump (23). Trump brought the latter on stage at a campaign event, but accidentally called him a “little pimp.”

Singer Kid Rock slammed Taylor Swift as an opportunist four years ago. Meanwhile, on X (formerly Twitter), some mock conservatives who try to elevate Kid Rock to the same level as Taylor Swift.

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