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The “wolf” between the legs: what you can do about sore thighs – knowledge

The “wolf” between the legs: what you can do about sore thighs – knowledge

It's hot, you're sweating, your thighs are rubbing together—your skin is sore. The technical name for this unpleasant skin irritation is Intertrigo. There are ways and means of countering it – and prevention.

Runners, people with slightly stronger thighs but slim legs can be especially vulnerable in the heat. You were sitting in a cafe wearing a skirt or shorts and sweating a little. Constantly strolling through the city, your thighs rub against each other and your skin suddenly aches.

Keep the skin dry

It is important that the skin of the thighs is always dry. It's not so easy in summer, especially when you sweat between your legs in high temperatures.

Avoid friction during exercise

Athletes are advised to wear tight-fitting sports trousers with adequate leg length so that the trousers do not rub against their thighs. The material should wick away sweat well.

For non-athletes: Pants with leg ties

To prevent this, it is useful to wear trousers with leg extensions under the skirt. These are available in stocking material (minimum 30T), microfiber, viscose or cotton. Shapewear pants, body shaping, and tight pants with a little leg can also protect.


A bit outdated, but the principle is still true: tight-fitting trousers or loose sports trousers under a skirt can protect the skin from friction. (thumbnail)

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In SRF's research, plus-size fashion stores, lingerie and underwear stores, or department stores with a well-stocked lingerie or underwear department have a suitable selection. It is better to ask the sellers for advice.


Of course, in summer you can wear cycling shorts under your skirt or skirt. The so-called skorts, a cross between shorts and a skirt, the English word for skirt, help ward off wolves.

As a preventative measure, lubricate areas of skin that rub against each other with petroleum jelly.

Skorts are short-legged trousers under a skirt. These are worn by women while playing golf, tennis or hiking, but are also suitable for everyday wear.

Good old Vaseline

And how can you protect your skin? “As a preventive measure, you can lubricate the areas of the skin that rub against each other with petroleum jelly,” suggests pharmacist and pharmacist Peter Portman. She advises against body lotion because it's not greasy enough and absorbs well into the skin.

Football player standing on grass field.


Heat, sweat and friction – especially during sports – can cause skin irritation or itching. A little petroleum jelly keeps it smooth and reduces irritation. (thumbnail)

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You can also use body oil or powder to keep your thighs from rubbing together. “If you sweat a lot between your legs, unfortunately the protection the powder provides doesn't last long.», says the pharmacist. It is important to use an ointment that does not absorb well, thus preventing a greasy film from rubbing onto the skin.

And once you have the wolf

Then it is important to avoid further friction. A soothing wound ointment, or even an antiseptic effect, helps to heal. This prevents further corrosion.

Explanation of Terms: From “Lupus” to “Wolf”.

Open the box
Box zuklappen

In the 19th century, the autoimmune disease lupus was widespread. Vessels, skin and connective tissue become inflamed due to the body's own immune processes. According to the German Language Association, two types are in circulation, which is why the disease was given the Latin name lupus, meaning “wolf”: red spots on inflamed areas of the skin resemble the bites of wolves. Another theory is that people with lupus on their faces develop furrows deep into their skin during the healing process, which resemble wolf bites. Because it is difficult for the layman to distinguish between lupus and lupus (intertrigo), the German name wolf was given to sore spots on the skin caused by friction, heat, and moisture.

When buying, make sure that it is better to buy an ointment instead of a cream, because an ointment can be greasy. After two or three days the dream should be over.

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