June 18, 2024

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The Super Jumbo A380 celebrates an amazing comeback

Those declared dead have been flying for a long time

The Superjumbo A380 makes an amazing comeback

Was it with the A380? The Airbus type was publicly planned a year ago and rejected by several airlines. But right now Super Jumbo is amazing in many places. Reasons.

The Airbus A380 was once acclaimed by aviation fans and aviation experts. Elevations such as “Wind Giant”, “Superjumbo” or “Wonder Bird” are changing. Not surprisingly, the A380 is a record jet. With a capacity of 853 passengers, it is the largest and at the same time the quietest aircraft in the world for passengers. The pilots who were so quiet now heard the noise of the passengers instead of the constant noise of the engines, so they slept badly.

But that’s not why the A380’s end seemed to be sealed until recently – 17 years after the first flight. The Corona year 2020 had only 25,000 planned flights with the engine type. In 2019 there were 119,000 more. Material: The A380 was hit harder than average by the Corona-related air crisis due to its size and inefficiency.