June 15, 2024

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The stabber’s asylum application was rejected in 2014


MannheimThe stabber’s asylum application was rejected in 2014

A police officer in Germany was seriously injured in a stabbing attack on Friday. The suspect had a temporary residence permit after his asylum claim was rejected.

  • The Mannheim boxer was a rejected asylum seeker in 2014.

  • He stabbed several people, including a police officer, on Friday.

  • The officer succumbed to his injuries on Sunday.

According to media reports, the suspect in the Mannheim stabbing is a rejected asylum seeker. In July 2014, Afghanistan’s asylum application was rejected, “Welt” reported on Monday. Nine years later he received a temporary residence permit.

The stabber has custody of the child

He has a child in Germany with a woman who holds German citizenship, the newspaper wrote, citing documents it was able to see. Accordingly, the alleged attacker, now 25 years old, took custody of the child.

A police officer was seriously injured in an attack in Mannheim on members of the anti-Islamic civil movement Pax Europa. The 29-year-old officer died on Sunday. Five members of the Pax Europe movement were injured in the attack.

The attack and death of the police officer caused consternation and grief across party lines. Debate on its consequences began on Monday. President Olaf Scholes (SPD) announced sustained action against attacks on officers and security forces.

“The police protected all our rights”

“The police officer who was killed in Mannheim defended our right to express our own opinions,” Schales explained. “If extremists want to forcefully restrict these rights, they should know: We are their staunchest enemies and we will use all the means of our constitutional state.”

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On Monday, CDU General Secretary Carsten Linnemann spoke on the RTL and n-TV program “Frühstart” about the suspected Islamist act. This also applies to Afghanistan.

Green Party leader calls for more action against Islamism

Green Party leader Ricarda Lang has spoken out in support of increased action against Islamism in Germany. “Islam is the enemy of a free society,” he said on the ARD program “Caren Miosga” on Sunday evening.

The assailant was shot dead by police and was initially unavailable for questioning. According to officials, he is yet to present himself to the police. Before the police officer’s death, the Karlsruhe District Court had issued an arrest warrant against the 25-year-old for attempted murder.

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