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The Maddie McCann Case: “She Didn’t Scream”

The Maddie McCann Case: “She Didn’t Scream”

Fall Maddy

“She didn’t scream” – this sentence led the police to Christian Bruckner

The prime suspect in the Maddie case wrote to a journalist to explain why he is innocent. He mentions a sentence that led to the investigation.


German police are investigating Christian Bruckner, 46, who has a criminal background.

Police Milan

  • Items secured during renewed search operation in missing Madeleine McCann case.

  • The investigations are directed against the German Christian Bruckner.

  • The prime suspect has spoken to a former friend about the missing girl.

German Christian Bruckner involved in the case The death of Madeleine McCann Considered the prime suspect, he revealed himself in a letter to a British journalist in connection with the missing girl case since May 2007. A handwritten letter gives an insight Thoughts of a Rape Convict.

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Bruckner appears desperate as he tries to convince the authorities and the public that he had nothing to do with Maddie McCann’s kidnapping. But at one point, one sentence seems almost confessional: “She didn’t scream,” German writes.

The key witness told the police a conviction – and it was later determined

In one column, Bruckner explains to the journalist how he was targeted by the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA). He refers to an alleged conversation with Helge Bushing, a key witness in the case. The petty criminal and Bruckner reportedly saw each other in Spain in the spring of 2008. Neither lived in Portugal for long.

Busching said there was a lot of trouble in Portugal because of the missing girl and the police were out in force. At this point, Bruckner is reported to have said: “Yes, she didn’t scream.” It was precisely this sentence that Bushing reportedly mentioned to the police moments later. According to Bruckner, his former friend lied to get out of prison in Greece quickly. Bush denies this: He says he has served his entire prison sentence for human trafficking.

Authorities took Bushing seriously

Brückner’s lawyer Friedrich Fülscher tells the “Bild” newspaper: “First, it must be determined whether such a conversation took place. Other witnesses have given different information, which means that such a conversation never took place.

However, investigators seem to be taking Bushing seriously: the police’s current excavations at the edge of the Arede reservoir in Portugal were initiated with the help of an informant. He allegedly corroborated with authorities the statements of two key witnesses, Manfred Seyferth and Helge Busching, that he broke into the home of prime suspect Christian Bruckner while he was in prison.

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During the alleged robbery, they stole a gun and a video camera, the latter containing footage of Bruckner’s other sex crimes. However, key witnesses threw both of them into the reservoir.

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