July 24, 2024

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The first Omicron vaccine is coming soon

The first Omicron vaccine is coming soon

Biotech is beginning to test its vaccine against the omigran variant of the corona virus. If approved, he should be ready by March.

Briefly essential

  • Biotech has started clinical research with 1420 subjects.
  • The safety, efficacy and tolerability of the Omigran vaccine should be tested.
  • The new vaccine should also provide long-term protection against the corona virus.

For the month of March, Biotech and Pfizer Promised their new vaccine. The legends in the field of medicine seem to follow a timetable: a medicine Study For safety, performance and endurance Vaccine against the Omigran variant The corona virus has started.

The companies announced on Tuesday that 1,420 healthy volunteers between the ages of 18 and 55 will participate. Study To take part. They are divided into three groups.

About 600 people will be vaccinated twice and receive two doses of the Omigran vaccine. A further 600 have already been encouraged and they will receive the original biotech vaccine or the new Omigron vaccine. A third group of 200 people has not yet been vaccinated and will receive two doses of the new vaccine.

“Vaccines still provide a high level of protection Against rigorous studies by Omigron, Biontech boss Ugur Sahin is quoted as saying. However, protection against infection and mild to moderate diseases will wear off faster than previous variants. The new vaccine is said to provide protection against omigrans just like the original vaccine against other mutants. At the same time, it should protect against corona virus for a long time.

Will you participate in the vaccine study as a test subject?

Pharmaceutical companies have announced that the modified vaccine will be available from March. But before using it, Swiss doctor Give approval. Whether this will happen depends on the results of the clinical trials that have just begun Study Depends.

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