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Ten-second grab ruling sparks outrage in Italy

Ten-second grab ruling sparks outrage in Italy


Updated on 07/17/2023 15:51

In ItalyBut not only therePeople, especially on social media, are outraged about the recent court ruling. A custodian allegedly touched the under-age student’s clothes. But the court acquitted him saying that the incident lasted only ten seconds. Countless celebs are now using their reach to show just how long “knock” Really durable.

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Ten seconds and “a short rash” – with these hashtags, many Italians have been criticizing the Rome court’s decision on social media for days. According to Italian media reports, a school guard grabbed the 17-year-old student’s pants and touched her buttocks on the stairs.

However, a court acquitted the man last week because the attack reportedly lasted less than ten seconds. Since then, anger has been high. Under the hashtag #10secondi (German: ten seconds), people are posting videos on Instagram and TikTok to show how long the “palpata breve” (German: short cropping) lasts.

“The White Lotus” actor Paolo Camilli protested

Men and women look at the camera and touch their private parts while the stopwatch runs for ten seconds. He started it Italian actor Paolo Camilli is known for his role in “The White Lotus”.. He was followed by Chiara Ferragni, known in Italy as an influence.

According to the “Corriere della Sera” newspaper, the case took place in April 2022. As the student walked up the stairs with a friend to go to class, she felt someone reach behind her pants and go under her underwear for about five to ten seconds. .

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The carer later admitted touching the 17-year-old’s bottom, but said he did not reach under her trousers and said he did it “for fun”.

Court: Caretaker “lacks lustful motives”

According to the report, the court acquitted him of the charge of sexual assault. As the “Corriere della Sera” quoted from the judgment, his actions did not represent a crime. The attack lasted “a few seconds” and was therefore “clumsy, but not sexually motivated”.

The student was saddened by this. “It’s not a joke, at least for me,” she told “Corriere della Sera”. (dpa/dh)