June 22, 2024

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Stephen Hensel allegedly threatened the Black family years ago


Father of block childrenStephen Hensel: “I Will Destroy the Black Family”

A family drama of colossal proportions: The father of the kidnapped children revolves around steakhouse heiress Christina Black, who speaks preemptively about wanting to destroy the family.

Leticia Vecchio
  • Stephen Hensel allegedly threatened to harm the Black family several times.

  • Many people swear by this “build” under oath.

  • The children were abducted by unknown persons on New Year's Day and taken to their mother. Now they are back to Hensel.

One of the acquaintances reports under oath that Hensel said in a meeting with him that he would “destroy the Black family.” The report comes months before the two youngest children are due to be taken on holiday in Denmark in August 2021. In fact, the children should have been returned to their mother, Christina, as she has the right to decide where they live. At the time, Hensel said the children were being abused mentally and physically by his ex-wife. He completely protected the children from Christina and her parents.

The Black family also confirms the threats

The founder of the Black House steakhouse chain and his son Stephen told “Bild” in a statement that they were threatened: phrases like “I will destroy you, Black family” or “I will destroy you” were used. Hensel denies the allegations by his attorney.

Now the Hamburg public prosecutor's office wants to charge Hansel with child trafficking. However, Hensel denies abducting his children. He kept the children with him because he saw their well-being at risk, and the Danish justice system proved him right in this case.

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What happened on New Year's Day?

The tragic culmination of this custody dispute was the kidnapping of the aforementioned younger children: on New Year's Eve, Hensel and the two younger children watched fireworks go off at the “Cafiodora” restaurant in Gravenstein, a Danish town of 4,000. Suddenly they are attacked by many who knock down Stefan Hensel. The children were forced into a rental car and the kidnappers fled in two vehicles, “Bild” reported. On Wednesday night, Christina Black and the two children arrived at the steakhouse heiress's villa in Hamburg in a gray VW Tiguan with tinted windows.

There was now a European Arrest Warrant against Christina Black, which has now been converted into a Residence Order. Meanwhile, the children return to Hensel. There are various reports circulating about whether he admits to abducting children: some media reports say he confessed to a senior public prosecutor in Hamburg. On the other hand, his lawyer vehemently denies any involvement in the crime.

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