June 13, 2024

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Sebastian Kurz resigned after allegations of corruption

Government crisis

After allegations of corruption: Austrian President Sebastian Kurz resigns – Foreign Minister takes charge

Austrian President Sebastian Kurz announced his resignation in front of the media on Saturday evening. Kurz proposes Foreign Minister Alexander Shalenberg (ÖVP) as interim head of government.

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Austrian President Sebastian Kurz announced his resignation in front of the media on Saturday evening after a series of scandals and massive public pressure. Without a withdrawal, the breakdown of the alliance between the ÖVP and the Greens would have threatened, with Kurz declaring that he could not take action. “My country is more important to me than me,” he said.

Commenting on the corruption allegations, Kurs says:

“You are wrong. I make it clear. I would be grateful if the presumption of innocence applies to everyone in our country.

Kurz said he did not want to allow any experiments at the press conference and would therefore make room. Especially in the present times, stable conditions are necessary. However, Kurz did not announce his complete withdrawal from politics. He told the media that he would be the chairman of the ÖVP and would go to parliament as the chairman of the parliamentary committee.

As expected, Foreign Minister Alexander Shalenberg (ÖVP) is proposing to seize office. The government committee of the ÖVP should continue to work, so Kurz. Shalenberg, 52, has been jointly responsible for Austria’s foreign policy for many years. Diplomat with international and international experience like Kurs is very hard on migration issues. He is a close confidante of the outgoing president. It is not clear how the கூட்டணிVP’s coalition partner – the Greens – will react to this plan.

In short, positive reporting is said to have paid off for itself

The background to the resignation is the Economic and Corruption Public Prosecutor’s Office (WKSTA)’s investigation against Sebastian Kurs. The WKSTA president, finance ministry and ÖVP headquarters searched on Wednesday. Sebastian Kurz’s misrepresentation of the state’s leadership before the Ibiza Committee was previously cited. Some of his closest confidants are being investigated on suspicion of treason, bribery and corruption.

The group around the 35-year-old head of government is said to have bought a positive report in a pamphlet with tax money from Kurz in 2016 to pave the way for the party leadership and president. A brief believer in the Ministry of Finance is said to have played a key role in fundraising. (dpa / ok / jb)

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