May 26, 2024

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Russia's War of Aggression – This Is How Ukrainians' Fighting Morale Looks – News

Russia's War of Aggression – This Is How Ukrainians' Fighting Morale Looks – News

There is fighting in Ukraine, people are dying, and recently again in Odessa. A massive fire broke out in a Black Sea port after a rocket attack. Russia has now reported a drone strike in the area around the industrial city of Kursk on the border with Ukraine. The Russian army is now advancing rapidly – ​​instead of a few meters, it has moved 15 kilometers inland at one point in eastern Ukraine. SRF Ukraine Correspondent David Navier on the current war situation.

David Nauyer

Correspondent in Ukraine and Russia

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David Nauyer Ukraine and Russia Correspondent for SRF TV. From 2016 to 2021, he worked as a radio reporter in Russia. He was previously the Russia Correspondent of “Dages-Ansiger”. Nour has been regularly traveling to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian occupation war.

Ukraine lacks ammunition, weapons and soldiers. Did so many people die in the war?

Yes. Ukraine lacks top players as many have fallen or been injured over the past two years. In addition, Ukraine is very reluctant to mobilize new fighters. President Zelensky is afraid to conscript hundreds of thousands of men because he knows it will be unpopular with the people.

A Ukrainian soldier in the Donetsk region.


Ukraine is on the defensive, but the fighting spirit remains. A Ukrainian soldier in the Donetsk region taken on May 1, 2024.

REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko

How is the willingness to fight among Ukrainian men?

The mood is naturally different. My impression is that the combat morale of the men already in the army remains the same. Things are a little different for those not in the military. Many of them say they should join the army, but only if they absolutely have to. Others try to avoid being drafted in any way possible, for example by hiding at home or trying to flee abroad.

War in numbers:

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There are very different estimates. Here are some details that seem realistic:

  • 100,000 Russian soldiers were killed
  • 50,000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed
  • More than 10,000 Ukrainian civilians were killed (UN statistics).

Russia has a lot of manpower. What are the advantages of the weapon?

The Russians have a much larger and more powerful air force than the Ukrainians. After all, Ukraine has a hinterland that cannot be reached by its weapons, for example Siberia. The Russians can build new tanks or artillery there without hindrance. There are no such places in Ukraine, because Russians can go to every corner of the country. Russia has an advantage here. However, US weapons will arrive in Ukraine in the next few weeks and improve the situation for Ukrainian troops.

A Leopard tank was shown to a crowd in Moscow


On May 1, the Russian military demonstrated its loot in Moscow, such as a Leopard tank used in Ukraine that came from American stocks.

Keystone/Yuri Kochetkov

The US has accused the Russian military of using chemical weapons. Is there evidence?

There is no evidence that can be used in court. There are numerous videos and photographs purporting to show the use of chemical weapons against Ukrainian troops. And there are many reports from Ukrainian soldiers who say they suddenly have trouble breathing. Chemical weapons are suspected to have been used. As I have not been able to verify this information in detail I cannot determine whether this is true.

Russia also accuses Ukrainian troops of using chemical weapons. what is that?

I can't decide that either. Russians say Ukrainians continue to use chemical weapons. If true, it would constitute a war crime on the part of Ukraine. However, it must be said that Russian officials are deliberately lying about this war. They still claim to liberate Ukraine, but they are doing a lot to destroy Ukraine.

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