June 15, 2024

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Russia is seizing more territory – but nowhere near Kharkiv

Russia is seizing more territory – but nowhere near Kharkiv

Current Front Sections. Green: previously occupied and now liberated areas; Red: Ukrainian territories currently occupied by Russia. Map: Deepstate map

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Patrick Tockweiler
Patrick Tockweiler

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Russia’s offensive toward Ukraine’s second-largest city is increasingly stalling. About a month ago, Russian troops invaded Ukraine from the Belgorod border region east of Kharkiv. Some territorial gains were made on the new front, at first almost unopposed, then with heavy losses. The purpose of this operation was to bring Kharkiv within range of the tube artillery. This attempt has now failed. In the past few days, Ukrainian defenders have managed to reclaim some land.

Situation North-East of Kharkiv: Russian advance halted near Vovchansk.  Red: Russian-Ukrainian border.

Situation North-East of Kharkiv: Russian advance halted near Vovchansk. Red: Russian-Ukrainian border.Cards: deep level& Google

Vovsansk is currently experiencing heavy fighting where, according to Ukrainian commander Oleksandr Chirsky, Russia is “absolutely at a standstill”. The village was prematurely evacuated by Ukraine. Meanwhile, life goes on in Cork.

epa11336743 A Ukrainian police officer inspects a building damaged during the evacuation of local residents from territories bordering Russia, in the city of Vovsansk, Kharkiv region, northeastern Ukraine.

Bombs fell before the attack. Ukrainian soldier in Vovsansk.Build: Keystone

The city of 1.5 million people is 32 kilometers from the border. Russian bombers drop glide bombs on targets in the metropolis almost every day – and don’t. You don’t have to leave Russian airspace to do this. But now things have changed. The US has recently allowed Ukraine (subject to conditions) to use US weapons systems to detect targets on Russian territory.

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby declined to comment on whether Ukraine had already done so. However, some evidence points to this. Video footage from early June shows how a Russian S-400 air defense system was destroyed in the Belgorod region – presumably by Ukrainian Himars. However, Kharkiv was bombed again yesterday.

But there is more good news for conservationists. The long awaited cannon ammunition is slowly coming forward. Ukrainian artillery outnumbers Russian artillery. We are talking about a ratio of 1:5. According to Ukrainian soldiers on the ground, it will be months before the flow of ammunition stops and its impact on the war is felt. Later the first F-16s were to be deployed to Ukraine as well.

The situation in Luhansk, Donetsk and Zaporizhia

The situation in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions was not encouraging for defenders. In recent days, Russian troops have confirmed territorial gains ranging from 300 meters to 1.5 kilometers in various locations. At least one of the Kremlin’s mid-term goals is to fully capture both regions. Who will fall Chasiv next? The city, once home to 13,000 people, lies west of Bagmut, taken a year ago with the help of Wagner mercenaries – and at the risk of inhuman losses.

To whom is Russia pushing Chasiv?

To whom is Russia pushing Chasiv?Cards: deep level& Google

In the south, where Ukraine’s failed counteroffensive last summer was so successful, Russia is trying to retake lost territory. At the center is Robotine Village. After gaining territory to the west and east of the village, it seems only a matter of time before the previously inhabited areas fall back into Russian hands.


Already rows of houses have been completely leveled, Russia says. Ukraine has denied this account. The Institute for War Studies (ISW), describing the current chaotic situation. The invaders’ reported territorial gains have yet to be confirmed.

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A stalemate is currently developing in Dnipro. ISW reports that surveillance images indicate that Ukraine has abandoned its bridgehead near Kringi. On the other hand, Russian military bloggers report severe shortages of ships and outboard engines.

Russia boasts of a “Frankenstein tank” – Ukraine immediately destroyed it

Video: Watson/Lucas Zollinger

Sad scenes – graves of heroes in Ukraine


Sad scenes – graves of heroes in Ukraine

After Christmas 2023, Ukrainian soldiers buried their comrade Vasyl Boichuk in the village of Iltsy.

Quelle: Keystone / Evgeny Maloletka

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